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Dec 19, 2016

What did you think of #G4Christmas in 2016?


We'd love to hear your thoughts here! Which venue(s) did you go to?

Dec 19, 2016

I thought it was fabulous! I went to St Peters Church Bournemouth and meet and greet. Loved every minute of it!

Dec 19, 2016

I loved it all

Dec 19, 2016

You guys were amazing you made it special giving us a little taster of the love songs album xxx

Dec 19, 2016

Can't wait for you to do st Paul's church Birmingham again x

Dec 19, 2016

I did not go to all I wwent to London Derby and Leeds

Dec 19, 2016

I loved the G4 2016 Tour. Started at St James' Piccadilly then did Edinburgh, Durham and Leeds. The song choices were great and the venues showed off your voices to perfection, especially in Durham Cathedral.

Dec 19, 2016

I love the Christmas tours. did Manchester and Leeds this year. Had so much fun at the Leeds m&g. Don't think Jon will ever grow up!! 😂😂

Manchester was lovely but being sat further back, my view was very restricted. Could really only see Ben and Nick Because of all the people sat in front of me. Only a sugestion, but at Leeds, you were stood on what looked like a box platform and I assume everyone got a goòd view of you. Would it be possible to do this at Manchester?

Dec 20, 2016

We went to Greyfriars Kirk in Edinburgh. It's a really beautiful venue, and we were lucky enough to be near the front this year. The concert was great fun, the boys were all on fine form

Christine x
Dec 24, 2016

HI G4 we loved every one of the beautiful Cathedrals that we were lucky enough to visit and also the beautiful St. James Church at Piccadilly. Your shows were beautiful your harmonies just amazing. You brought joy and warmth to the somestimes chilly venues when you sang. Your pre show receptions were always a delight with an early rendition of what was to come with your stunning harmonies. We are blessed. Thank you G4 we loved your 2016 Cathedral tour. Xxxx

New Posts
  • kay
    Dec 27, 2017

    I went to Ely yesterday. Now posting in this forum is a dangerous thing as it is not easy to edit if I make mistakes. Line does not always change to create paragraph. But I take a plunge. Excuse for any errors. It was a very enjoyable G4 Christmas at Ely yesterday. I have been feeling it was too early to listen to any carols. It was the first time I listened to their Christmas album this year while I was driving to Ely. Cathedral did not have usual big Christmas tree yet. I go there on the 25th every year, and they have enormous tree in the cross just before the screen to enter choir’s stalls. G4 set up their own silvery Christmas trees and decorations. They suspended G4 lighting. Improved idea than what they used to put lower as some audience had been dazzled by it and asked to turn it off. They started with ‘All I want for Christmas is You’. They sang all songs on the Christmas album, except the medley. (They sang some of them) Now I have to try to remember what they sang… They also sang songs from past G4 or Jonathan’s albums: Jerusalem; Nessun Dorma; Ave Maria and You Never Walk Alone. I feel Panis Angelicus is such a gentle and tender song; it does not need very powerful singing. For this reason, I preferred the way Ben sang Panis Angelicus yesterday. Softer and gentler than the album version. They proceeded from the back for the second half, holding a candle each and Jonathan also holding a mobile (what was it for? I don’t know but it was not for taking a selfie). They arrived at the stage, but Mike was missing. Nick lighted new candles for each of them and held 2 on behalf of Mike and started singing. Mike eventually turned up from the side half way through. It was typical of Mike, unhurriedly, he made a grand entry and bowed and the audience clapped hands. Boys were accompanied by Andy playing guitar and the Pianist/ organist. Arrangement was different from album version and I liked the way they did yesterday; quieter maybe (which I like!) sometimes organ with different stops which made it very effective. While I liked the accompaniment which was not intrusive at all and microphones were not blasting too loud, I am still living in a hope that one day they do ‘G4 unplugged’ again without microphone or any accompaniment, or at least some (half ) of them. The songs they sang for the first time are: ‘In Paradisum’ from Faure’s Requiem and The Lord is my Shepherd by Howard Goodall. Both songs have been my favorites and I am glad they sang. They sang solo parts in turn. Whenever I hear Nick sings with his deep voice, it makes me smile. It is a great contrast with Jonathan’s high note. I was glad to see the cathedral was fully packed despite the fact that Ely is the smallest city in England. I have seen seats in the aisles behind the pillars elsewhere, but it was the first time to see seats in the transepts. I wondered how they could see sideways. Audience was on the quieter side. When they sang the last song, they just clapped. I yelled ‘ more!’ Without too much encouragement, boys come back and sang encore. They went straight to stand behind the desk to sign and chat. The queue was not very organized but knowing that they never leave anybody behind, I stood and waited for my turn. I was glad they came to Ely, but asked Jonathan if they had considered coming to Peterborough cathedral. He said ‘it’s a matter of booking isn’t it?’ Then, book it please! The Sixteen come twice every year. We (my choir joined by some others) are performing at Peterborough cathedral this weekend. When we sing Britten’s St Nicholas, ‘pickled three boys’ are singing in the gallery. 3 boys don't use microphones, nor do we. That’s something I can imagine G4 doing as 3 D performance. I liked the way G4 sometimes come in from the back and side but they can go upstairs. Another thing I wish G4 to do in the future Christmas is to sing: ‘Carol of Bells’, composed by Mykola Dmytrovych Leontovych: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wI5lxtSivWc They have it on an advert by certain company. It’s a very emotive and exciting song which needs great coordination of harmony and timing. Just the right song for the boys.
  • amickproductions
    Nov 22, 2017

    Now that G4 have just confirmed their return to Derby Cathedral, there are now 21 dates in this tour!
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